We create websites and apps for people with ideas and vision!

Do you have a project in mind?

We will get back to you as soon as possible to help you see your ideas come to life!

Research & Planning
We can check your project and identify the areas that need to be improved and we will create a detailed plan to achieve your goals.
We will make sure your site or app looks perfect on different devices
We work with a lot of programming languages to achieve the optimal mix of stability and performance. We love good code!
We will take care of your project from the initial design to the installation of the servers it will be hosted on
We will be happy to advice what is the best approach to get to the place you want to be
The project doesn't end with the sign off! We will continue to support and optimise your site or app as long as needed


We follow a strict set of rules to make sure our customers are happy.

  • We are good listeners – your business or idea is what this is all about
  • Frequent communication – to be sure we are always on the right track
  • Transparency  – no surprises from start to finish

We have experience in a lot of areas, so you can be sure we will pick the right tools for the job!

  • More than 10 years of front and backend development on projects created from scratch or based on WordPress
  • Efficient workflow – we use source control, versioning and continuous delivery to ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Security is a top priority for every project no matter big or small
  • Code quality is something we are keen on, with frequent reviews and following best principles
Programming languages are only a tool, but you always have to pick the right tool for the job!

Our clients choose us, as all project costs are calculated in front.

There are no unpleasant surprises and hidden costs!

We spend the time before starting a project to make sure we have gone through all requirements and suggest the most cost effective ways to turn your ideas into reality.

our team

Ventsi Tomev

Ventsi is an IT veteran with quite a few years of experience starting from when table based web site layouts were cool. Nowadays he is interested in almost everything that runs online on desktop and mobile devices and lately IoT devices and integrations. He has experience working with both small companies and individuals looking to boost their online presence and large IT companies and telecoms with complex connected systems.

Silviya Atanasova

Silviya is the artistic element in the company.

She works with all kind of web and mobile designs, creates 3D renderings and matches colours like no other. Other than her primary duties she is fixing the UI mess Ventsi creates after integrating the design in the functional application.



Sofia, Bulgaria
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


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