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We are a small team of UI designers that design pixel perfect web and mobile systems, developers that really make the code work and system administrators that are not afraid to meet a lot of users! We provide solutions for web and mobile projects and act as a one stop shop for our clients and their needs.

Why us

What makes us the best

  • We deliver
  • We deliver on time
  • We deliver the best quality possible for your project

Did we mention our customer satisfaction guarantee? We don't charge our clients in advance and don't add additional expenses in the end of the project.

Our budget is fixed and estimations are prepared before we start the project!

How do we work

We are a distributed team and while our main office is located in Sofia(Bulgaria), we are usually collaborating online using our effective workflow.
We are not a 9 to 5 company and we try to be in constant contact with our clients spread around the globe in different timezones.

To put it simple we are available when you need us!


John Doe

Ventsi Tomev

Ventsi is an IT veteran with quite a few years of experience starting from when table based web site layouts were cool. Nowadays he is interested in almost everything that runs online on desktop and mobile devices and lately IoT devices and integrations. He has experience working with both small companies and individuals looking to boost their online presence and large IT companies and telecoms with complex connected systems.

Creative Director
Jane Helf

Silviya Atanasova

Silviya is the artistic element in the company.

She works with all kind of web and mobile designs, creates 3D renderings and matches colours like no other. Other than her primary duties she is fixing the UI mess Ventsi creates after integrating the design in the functional application.

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